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Top 10 Things to Know About the Prediction Run

Posted September 17th, 2014 in In-store by Bryn Mawr Running Company

Grab your shoes, your shorts, your favorite running shoes, but make sure to leave the watch at home! If you’re planning on running the Bryn Mawr Running Co. Prediction Run here are some of our top things you need to know about this event:

1. No Watches Allowed! If you’re looking to play along for the Prediction Run then you cannot be wearing any timing device. This defeats the purpose of the Prediction Run and cheaters will be disqualified from winning anything!

2. $5 To Play! The Prediction Run is free to run, but to be eligible for prizes you need to pay $5 to our event staff to be entered to win. The $5 helps pay for the prizes and the food and drinks we have after the run, so the entry fee is definitely helpful!

3. Choose Between Two Courses! We have a 2.5 mile course and a 5 mile course, so choose your distance, predict your time, and attempt to finish your chosen distance in your guesstimated time!

4. Open to Everyone! This event is meant to be inclusive so anyone can play. There is always a group of veteran runners mixed with new runners at each event, so you can match up and run with other people close to your experience level.

5. Pace, Not Place! This run is not a race to see how fast you can run, it’s to see how well you can pace. Running on feel is an important tool to carry in your runner’s fannypack.  If you push yourself too hard and try to beat the clock on each of your day-to-day runs, you will burn out and increase your risk for injury. Days when you run at a relaxed pace are just as important as days where you pick up your pace or do speed or interval workout.

6. Bring Your Friends! The event is free if you’re just hanging out ($5 donation if you’re eating and drinking!) and no RSVP is required, so the more the merrier! We love to see new faces and this is the perfect run to be a first-time participant.

7. …And Bring Your Furry Friends! We are both dog AND cat friendly here at BMRC. Leashed pets are always welcome in our store, be it shopping for new shoes or attending our group runs.

8. Get Expert Advice! The Bryn Mawr Running Company happens to have some of the most accomplished runners in the Greater Philadelphia area. Whether it be our employees or club runners everyone has something they can share to help runners of any level.

9. After the Run… Even if you don’t win and are upset about your performance, you don’t need to TACO ‘BOUT IT! We will have a taco truck and some beverages to enjoy after the work is done. This is a great way to meet new runner friends, socialize, and support your local running store.

10. Have Fun! The Prediction Run event is not about who is the fastest or who wins the prizes. It’s more about getting the running community together to hang out, network, support one another, and enjoy some tacos.

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