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A Runner Girl’s Best Friend

Posted October 9th, 2014 in In-store by Bryn Mawr Running Company


Alright ladies, this blog post is directed at you.  Boys, time to click the back button and read some older post about racing, hydration or lightweight shoes.  We’re talking about supporting our girls, what few of us realize is a VERY IMPORTANT topic. Did you know you are supposed to replace your sports bras as often as you replace your shoes? I know, that sounds ridiculously expensive, especially if you are investing in good bras.  From my personal experience I find if you care for your good ones well, they will last longer than the six months you have your shoes.  So maybe buy one nice sports bra a year.  Treat yourself!  It’s worth it.  The impact running puts on the ladies is serious, no matter what their size is.  They need support.  You don’t want to be sagging by the time you are 30. Or taking a break from running because of a breast related injury—how embarrassing would that story be to tell! Finding the right fit means you shouldn’t be wearing multiple bra layers. The right size, shape, and style should have you wearing one perfect bra for you.  Some bras offer adjustable straps or hooks in the back to get a more custom fit.  Always remember that sizing is not consistent, so if you go up a cup size, go down a band size or go down in cup size and up in band size, these tiny alterations in your fit can make a huge difference.  Here are a few video links from one of my favorite brands to help you understand the importance of the right bra and how to find that perfect fit!


Biomechanics video


Best Fit


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