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Dressing for the colder temperatures…

Posted October 2nd, 2014 in Uncategorized by Kim Walsh

 Having a hard time deciding what to wear on your run?  Well you are not alone.  As the season changes and fall is in the air we tend to overdress.  The first few chilly mornings I wear too much and end up shedding a layer by the end of my run.  
    To start your run you should be chilly for about the first mile and then your body temperature will warm up.  You should dress as if it is 20 degrees warmer than the actual temperature.  It is very important to wear wicking or technical apparel.  Wicking apparel pulls sweat from your skin to the piece of apparel where it evaporates quicker than it would on your skin.  A cotton shirt holds the sweat, becomes heavy, and chills you.  A technical piece will keep you cool and light and will prevent chafing.  
    Along with wearing technical pieces, it is good to dress in layers.  A technical base layer pairs perfect with a light weight jacket or vest on a brisk, windy run.  The jacket breaks the wind and is usually water repellant to shed the rain.  The jacket or vest is breathable which helps to prevent your core from overheating.  Another key item is a pair of light weight gloves.
    My favorite picks for the cooler seasons are the Nike Epic Run Crop and the Element Half Zip, with a pair of Breath Thermo gloves for Mizuno.  Also Oiselle is a newer brand to running shops and definitely one to check out!Oiselle Final copy copy Nike Crop Pants Final copy copy

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